Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology




Volume 17 Number 2, July 2020

Note from the Editor: Skyscraper-pride

Nazrul Islam

Aristotelian Habitus and the Power of the Embodied Self: Reflections on the Insights Gained from the Fakirs in Bangladesh M. G. N. Mozumder
Paving the Pathways for Black African Women into Management Echelons in the Private Sector in South Africa Dennis Matotoka and Kola O. Odeku

Patriarchy and Women Plight in Africa: The Consequences of Living in Passivity

Samuel O. Okafor
Empowering Women Farmers through Livelihood Strengthening Model in Eastern Nigeria Chigozie Azunna

Multivariate Analysis of Maternal Mortality with Implications for Community Participatory Action Learning

Akpovire Oduaran and Fagbeminiyi Fasina
The Case for Universal Pensions and Care for the Elderly People in Zimbabwe G.A. Muchinako
Understanding the Municipal Demarcation Process in South Africa: Should Ethnicity be used as a Factor in the Municipal Demarcation Process? The case of Malamulele and Vuwani in the Limpopo Province! Tshehledi I. Mokgopo

Corporate Governance for Sustainable Development in South Africa’s State-Owned Enterprises

Daniel Chigudu

The Economic Growth and Food and Nutrition Security Nexus in Zimbabwe: A Three-decade Perspective

J Tinarwo B Mutsambwa and DE Uwizeyimana

Strengthening Capacity of Educators for Purposes of Delivering high quality education in South Africa

Shibe Rachel Mantshiu and Kola O. Odeku

Separation of Powers and Judicial Overreach: A South African Perspective

Linda Muswaka
Transformation in the Judiciary from a Disability Perspective N.T Nsimbini and M.D Matotoka



Volume 17 Number 1, January 2020


Note from the Editor: The Problems with Population Problem

Nazrul Islam

Clamouring for Autonomy: Political Corporatism against Dissent and International Nongovernmental Organisations in Post 2000 Zimbabwe Edmore Ntini and Oliver Mtapuri
Thinking Global through Consensual and Reformist Approaches: Considered Governance Innovations for Lagos Mega-City Status Mike Opeyemi Omilusi

Literacy in India: Progress and Inequality

Rajni Pathania
Singulate Mean Age at Marriage in South Africa 1996-2016: Trends, Differentials and Implications Leonard Ahuejere

Community Participation in Tsunami Housing Rehabilitation Project in Kerala, India

K. M. Muhammed Anil and T. Sundara Raj
Cyclone Aila and Coping Strategies of the Coastal Households in Southern Bangladesh Sanjoy Kumar Chanda
Unorganized Sector in India: A Theoretical Discourse on Women Domestic Workers Shabir Ahmad Najar and Wakar Amin Zargar

Female Employees in Japan: Case Study of a Japanese Software Company

Tulika Bhattacharyya

Social and Health Consequences of Child Labour:Implications for Sustainable National Development in Nigeria

Adekunle Victor Owoyomi

Could My Home be Responsible for this? Adolescents’ Reports on Family Situations and Delinquency in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria

A.O Fawole, M.S. Yusuf and D.O. Obor

Household Perceptions on Factors Inhibiting the Adoption of Sustainable Coping Strategies in Chipinge District

E.Chifamba, J. Francis B. Kilonzo and S. Mago
Combating Sexual Harassment in Ivory Tower in Nigeria: Mixed feelings Paul Oluwatosin Bello
Urban Food Production and Climate Variability in Ibadan, Nigeria Ayobami Popoola, Bolanle Wahab, Magidimisha Hangwelani, Lovemore Chipungu and Bamiji Adeleye
Occupational Health Hazards of Women Farmers in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State- Nigeria Venatus V. Kakwagh


Volume 16 Number 2, Jnly 2019

Note from the Editor: Bangladesh in New York

Nazrul Islam

Globalization is Dead, Long Live Globalization! Impasse in Globalization Theory and Beyond S. Aminul Islam

Boko-Haram and Social Identity Theory: Explaining the Enigma that is Threatening National and Regional Peace in Africa

O. Okafor Samuel and Raimi Lasisi

A Sociological Analysis of the Medicalization Process of Pregnancy and Child Birth in Bangladesh

Bijoy Krishna Banik

In Search of Models for Healthcare Delivery in Multi-Cultural Africa

Abdullahi Ali Arazeem and Moshood Issah

Comparing Multi-Ethnic Countries in Providing Territorial Autonomy to Ethnic Groups

Mogau Petrus Sekgala and T. Isaac Mokgopo

The use of Ethnicity in Ethiopia in Determinig Internal Boundaries T. Isaac Mokgopo
The Governance, Taxation and Regulation of Beneficiary Funds in South Africa Lufuno T. Nevondwe

Minorities and Cultural Identity: Insights on Shia Women of Kashmir

M. Saleem Jehangir and Shugufta Akhter

The Juxtaposition of Antagonistic Urban Landscapes: Rural-Urban Interface in South African Cities

N. Johannes Mokoele

Breaking the Traditional Trap: Improving Food and Nutrition Security through Science Technology and Innovation in Zimbabwe

J Tinarwo and D E Uwizeyimana

Examining Age, Pay Satisfaction and Intent to Leave in Counterproductive Work Behaviour among University Support Staff

Abiodun M. Lawal, Sunday S. Babalola and Uzor Friday Ordu
Blowing the Anti-Graft Whistle with Rewarding Rigour and Legal Vulnerability: A Turning Pointin Nigeria’s Democratic Space? Mike Omilusi


Volume 16 Number 1, January 2019

Note from the Editor: Crystallization of Classes in Bangladesh

Nazrul Islam

Demonizing the Other: Travels, Texts, Orientalism and the Pre-colonial South Asia, and Moving Beyond: Towards a New Turn in Sociology S. Aminul Islam

Utilisation of Herbal Medicine among Pregnant Women Attending Formal   Health Care Facilities in Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State

Alfred EbohI, Gabriel M. Moyaki and Patrick Okino

Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions of Police Officers in Rural Communities in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria

Ajibade David and V. Kakwagh Venatus

Evaluating the Impact of Organisational Culture on the Entrepreneurial Orientation of Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa

Obey Dzomonda and Olawale Fatoki

Investigating the Effects of Parental Divorce on Academic Performances of Young People

Chauke T Andrew and Obadire O Segun

Malnutrition among Junior Secondary School Students in Lagos-State, Nigeria: A Consequence of Parental Socio-Economic Condition Sulaiman Abdul-Rasheed and Olusi A. Adepeju
Transgression of Corporate Governance in South Africa’s State-owned Enterprises K.A. Mashamaite and P.S. Raseala

Accentuating the Right to Access Quality Education in Rural South Africa: Lessons to be learned from other Countries

Isaiah Mmatipe Sefoka

Emergent Social and Economic Relations After Land Reform: Exploring the Farm Compound System After Land Reform in Zimbabwe

Clement Chipenda

Governance of Land in South Africa and the Fallacious Bantustan Urbanisation

Johannes Tsheola and Olga Makhudu

An Assessment of Community and Social Development Projects (CSDPs) on Beneficiaries in Damaturu Local Government Area of Yobe State, Nigeria (2009-2013)

M. Tasiu Dansabo and M. Mustapha Gambo
Counselling and Government Policy as Panaceas for Repositioning Girl Child Education in Nigeria: Some Lessons from Edo State, Nigeria Henrietta Ijeoma Alika and Oyaziwo Aluede


Volume 15 Number 2, July 2018


Note from the Editor:

Pondering over the Public Administration Discipline: A Move towards African Epistemology NE Mathebula
Why Democracy and Good Governance in Africa after Independence: Critical analyses! T I Mokgopo

A Review of Past Presence of Debi Chowdhurani and the then Societal Structures of Rangpur, Bangladesh

Gautam Kumar Das

Beyond Sloganeering and Damage Control Mechanism: The Vicious Circle of Ethical Transformation and Value Re-Orientation Campaigns in Nigeria

Mike Omilusi

The Role of Traditional Leaders in South Africa: Comparison between the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill, 2015 and the Traditional Leadership and Governance Frameork Act 41 of 2003

MP Sekgala

Terrorism comes with Economic Underdevelopment: Appraisal of how Boko-Haram Activities Undermined Nigeria’s Economy during Jonathan’sRegime

L. Abdul-Rasheed Sulaiman

The Contribution of Co-operatives to Rural Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in South Africa: Lessons from Bangladesh S. Roy Gundani, Lufuno Nevondwe and Kola O. Odeku
Occupation, Substance Abuse and Deviant in Nigeria: A Case Study of Commercial Vehicle Drivers Lagos State Damola Toyosi Olaniyi

Livelihood Resilience and Diversity in the Face of Socio-economic Challenges: Exploring the Experiences of Urban Youth in Harare (Zimbabwe)

Clement Chipenda

Relationship among Job Insecurity, Psychological Climate and Pay Satisfaction in Survivor Employees

O C Uchenna and I E Sunday

Prevalence of Herdsmen and Farmers Conflict in Nigeri

Nneka Perpetua Oli, Christopher C Ibekwe, and Ignatius U Nwankwo

Digital Inequality in Rural and Urban settings: Challenges of Education and Information in South African Youth Context

ME Choung and MG Manamela


Volume 15 Number 1, January 2018


Note from the Editor:

Indian Anthropology: A Plea for Pragmatic Appraisal N.K.Das
Problems of Development in Bangladesh: Causes and Remedies Taha Husain

Democratic Consolidation and Good Governance in Africa: Assessing the Incidences of Poverty and  Corruption in Four African States

Ademola Azeez

The Rise of Multi-Party Governance in South Africa’s Political Spectrum: An Age of Coalition and  Political Spectrum: An Age of Coalition and Party Alliances

TS Masipa

The Effects of Higher Education Policy on Transformation: Equity, Access and Widening Participation in Post-apartheid South Africa

Shadrack T Mzangwa

Ethnic Nationalism and Conflicts in Africa: Lessons from Nigeria

Paul Oluwatosin Bello

Dynamics of Social Exclusion in Urban Bangladesh: A Sociological Study of Bihari Community

Mowsume Bhattacharjee 
The Significance of Social Capital in State Provided  Housing: The Case of Hlalani, South Africa Sipho Jonathan Nkambule 117 and Takunda John Chirau

Bumster Subculture and Rastafari Identity in   The Gambia: The Search for Survival and Social Mobility among Marginalised Male Youth

Charles Ebere and Evan Charles-Ebere

Female Headed Household’s Rural Livelihood Trajectories in Post-apartheid former Bantustans of South Africa: Emerging Evidence from the Eastern Cape

Takunda J Chirau

Knowledge, Beliefs and Sources of Information of HIV among Students of a Tertiary Institution in Nigeria

Joseph A. Oluyemi  Muhammed Y. Abubakar, Raji Abdulateef, Atolagbe Emmanuel,  Joseph Adejoke,  Kadiri Kehinde and Popoola Gbenga

Are the ‘Born-Frees’ Always Politically Apathetic? Social Media use for Campus Politics by Black Undergraduates of North-West University, Mafikeng, South Africa

Babatunde Raphael Ojebuyi  and Abiodun Salawu  


Volume 14 Number 2, July 2017


Note from the Editor:

Trias Politica for Ethical Leadership and Good Governance: Praxis of Checks and Balances in the South African Context  NE Mathebula and PH Munzhedzi
Grace Mbajiorgu
E-culture as a Panacea for Successful Implementation of Blended Pedagogies in South Africa Tlou Ramoroka, Johannes Tsheola and Mokoko Sebola
Determinants of Fertility Decline in Namibia: An analysis of the Proximate Determinants Martin E. Palamuleni
Religiosity, Gender, and Educational Attainment as Predictors of Drug Abuse in South Africa: A Logistic Regression Approach Matthew O. Olasupo and Erhabor S. Idemudia
Exploring Suicide Acts and Its Consequences: A Sociological Investigation in Sylhet Region Md. Abdul Ghani and Swarnali Chakrabarty
Socio-Economic Determinants of Wife-Battering among Ever-Married Women in Somolu Local Government Area,Lagos, Nigeria Adeyemi Oladipo Olatunji
Job Stress and Marital Quality among Married Women Bankers in Ilorin Metropolis O. A. Fawole and A. A. Isiaq
Does Development Aid Work? Improving Aid Effectiveness in International Development Cooperation Efforts Soo Bong Uh and Md. Roknuzzamn Siddiky


Volume 14 Number 1, January 2017


Note from the Editor: Middle Class in Bangladesh.

Planning for Blended Pedagogies: Appropriateness for Modern Transformation in the 21st Century Tlou Ramoroka, Johannes Tsheola and Mokoko Sebola
Disability Benefits Payable by Retirement Funds under the South African Law Lufuno Nevondwe, Kola O Odeku and Konanani Raligilia
Livelihood Resilience and Diversity in the Face of Socio-economic Challenges: Exploring the Experiences of Urban Youth in Harare (Zimbabwe) Clement Chipenda

Sustainability of Rural Entrepreneurship as a  Livelihood Strategy in Zaka District, Zimbabwe

Gerald Guta George Vhudzi and Bernard Chazovachii
Afrophobia in South Africa: A General Perspective of Xenophobia Malesela J Masenya
Xenophobic Attitudes Against Immigrants  and Cheap Political Talks: Sitting Time Bombs and Explosives in South Africa  Mokoko Piet Sebola
Television News Coverage and Xenophobic Attacks on Foreign Africans in South Africa: A Content Analysis of Youtube Videos Okorie Nelson and Abiodun Salawu
The OBC Muslims: Some Little Known Marginal Communities of West Bengal, India  MD. Intekhab Hossain and Syed Abul Hafiz Moinuddin
Education and Socio-economic Marginalization of Muslim Women: A Case Study of North 24-Parganas District in West Bengal  Notan Bhusan Kar and Bhola Nath Ghosh
Religious Pluralism among the Muslims: A Case Study of Hussain Dighi of Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal, India  Hasibul Rahaman


Volume 13 Number 2, July 2016


Note from the Editor

Sociotherapy as a Contemporary Alternative M. Kubilay Akman
The Complexity of State- Civil Society Relations:  Reflections on Practice and Theory D. Ndou Siphiwe
Role of Culture in Decision Making Approach in Bangladesh: An Analysis from the Four Cultural Dimensions of Hofstede Bipasha Dutta and Kazi Maruful Islam
From Bogra to Calcutta Medical College in Colonial India and Beyond: A Postcolonial and Feminist Perspective on my Mother’s Life Suchitra Samanta
Indigeneity, Borderlands and Memory of Homeland:  A Reappraisal of Zomia Theory vis-à-vis ‘Tribes’ of India-Burma/ Myanmar Frontier N.K.Das
Indigenous Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Africa: Lessons Drawn for Nigeria Paul O. Bello and Adewale. A. Olutola
Balanced Employee and Employer Relationship: A Mechanism for Industrial Development in Nigeria Sulaimon M. Oriyomi, Muhammed A. Yinusa, Raji Abdullateef Omede, A. Jolade and Sulaiman L. Abdulrasheed
Social-ecological Analysis of the Impact of Marine Resources on Food Security and Poverty Alleviation Kola O. Odeku and Olufunmilayo F. Odeku
Globalisation and Entrepreneurial Development  in Nigeria: The Challenges and The Opportunities Olatunji a Ganiya, Muhammed A Yinusa, E Ebenezer Lawal and Rajiabdullateef
Good or Bad? Employment Contract and Working Conditions of Telecommunication Employees in Nigeria Kabiru Ayinde Oyetunde
The Influence of TV Commercials on the Lifestyle of Youngsters Saddam Hussain Shahz
Service Delivery Challenges Facing Municipalities: A Case Study of Fetakgomo Local Municipality in Sekhukhune District Municipality, Limpopo Province Lourens Johannes Erasmus  Beyers


Volume 13 Number 1, Januray 2016


Note from the Editor

Corruption and citizen participation: A critical analysis

Oliver Mtapuri 

Community Participation in the South African Local Government Dispensation: A Public Administration Scholastic Misnomer

N.E. Mathebula

Framing the BRICS of “Emerging States”: Economic Freedoms Panacea or Nuance Imperialism Hybrid?

Johannes Tsheola

An Impossible Developmental State in the South African Context: A True Reflection of the Asian Tigers?

N.E . Mathebula

Blended Pedagogies for Modern Development in South Africa: Challenges and Prospects for Success

Tlou Ramoroka and Johannes Tsheola

Investment in Human Capital and Export Expansion in Indian Economy

S.A.Saiyed and Rajni Pathania

Public Health Seeking Behavior and Poverty Status of Rural Household Heads: A Case of Ijebu North-East Local Government Area of Ogun State

S. A. Oyekale, O.W.Olowa, O.A. Olowa and O.S. Aina

Reflection on the Principle of Best Interests of the Child: An Analysis of Parental Responsibilities in Custodial Disputes in the South African law

Lufuno Nevondwe Kola Odeku and Konanani Raligilia

Women and Aquaculture in Bangladesh: The Unpaid Labour

Jewel Das and Md. Shakil Khan

Stakeholder Debate in Policy Implementation: An Evaluation of Bangladesh Leather Processing Industry Relocation Policy

Shahadat Hossain Shakil, S.M.Labib, Avit Kumar Bhowmik and Md. Shakil Khan

Volume 12 Number 2, July 2015


Note from the Editor

Dystopian Furcations in Modern Literature

Kubilay Akman

Analysing and Mapping Urban Poverty of English Bazar Slum: An Approach of Micro Level Planning Perspective from a Developing Country (India)

Suman Paul

Assessıng Women's Autonomy ın Santhal Communıty of Nepal’s Eastern Taraı

Krishna P Pandey

South Africa in Focus

Human Dignity as a Foundational Norm in the Understanding of Human Rights

Mashele Rapatsa

Good Government in Africa: What is the role of Bureaucratic Governance?

B.C. Basheka and M.P. Sebola

 The South African Broadcasting Corporation in Championing Transparency and Accountability in  Government: the Bigger they ARE the Harder they Fall

Ntwanano E Mathebula

 Combating Climatic Risks and Vulnerability: Prospects and Challenges

 Kola O. Odeku

 Transforming the Mining Industry in South Africa: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Kola O. Odeku and Olufunmilayo F. Odeku

Children’s Participation in School Sport at Tshwane, South Africa: Analysis of Psychosocial Influences, Eric Pule, Tonie Drotsky Abel Torla ioand Ntwanano Alliance Kubayi
Stock Theft Crıme ın a Rural Communıty ın  South Afrıca: Contrıbutory Factors and Recommendatıons Lımpopo, W. Maluleke,EE Obioha and JT Mofokeng

Volume 12 Number 1, January 2015


Note from the Editor

Coping with Leadership Persona in South African Public Administration Practice: Implications on Macro-policy Initiatives and Implementation

Nghamula Nkuna and Mokoko Sebola

Governance and Transformational Leadership Dilemmas for Merged Universities in a Democratic South Africa

Johannes Tsheola and Phophi Nembambula

An Empirical Research on Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Leadership Styles in SMEs

T S Nanjundeswaraswamy and D R Swamy

Entrepreneurial Social Work: The Position of Professional Practitioners for Industrial Development in Nigeria

Salahu Saliman Tunde

When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted: An Exploratory Study on the Proliferation of Female Rapists in Harare, Zimbabwe

Mafongoya Owen

A Study of School Achievement among the Gujjar and Bakerwal Tribes of Jammu and Kashmir

Mohd. Zia-Ul-Haq Rafaqi

Stigma, Violence and the Human Agents on the Motor Park Space in Ibadan Metropolis, Southwest Nigeria

Adeyemi Johnson Ademowo

Access to Food Transfers and Social Protection in Bangladesh

Mohammed Faruque Uddin

Effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Bangladesh Perspective

Shahadat Hossain Shakil and Tazrina Habib Ananya

A Study of the Effectiveness of Korea’s TechnicalCooperation to Develop the Skills of the Trainees of the BKTTC: An Evaluation of Vocational Training under KOICA’s Project in Bangladesh

Md. Roknuzzaman Siddiky


Volume 11 Number 2, July 2014


Note from the Editor

Beware, the Middle Class is Being Hijacked by the World Bank!

Nazrul Islam

Research in South African Public Administration: The Paradox of Science, Politics and Economics of a Public Policy

MP Sebola

Empowerment of Muslim Women in India: A Sociological Analysis

Abdul Waheed, Afzal Sayeed and Sheikh Idrees Mujtaba

Social Struggle of rhe ‘Empowered’ Women in Bangladesh

Sifat-E-Azam and Obydullah Al Marjuk Tabassum Amina

Female Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh: Constraints, Motivation and Success

Munsura Rahmatullah and Farhana Zaman

Innovation and the Exercise of Agency in an Informalising Economy: An Analysis of the Lived Realities of Enterprenures at Chimusana Market in Masvingo Urban

Nhodo Lloyd

Labour Unions’ Struggle with Neo-liberal Policies in Nigeria

Akeem Ayofe Akinwale

Democratic South Africa: Watchdogs for Good Governance and Service Delivery?

MP Sebola, JP Tsheola And M. Molopa

Unlocking the Door from Poverty through Rotating Savings and Credit Associations: A Study of Group Based Savings in Ward 14 of Gutu District, Zimbabwe

Alimos Mushuku and Julliet Mayisa

Protecting Children from Exposure to Pornography in South Africa

Lufuno Nevondwe and Kola O. Odeku


Volume 11 Number 1, January 2014


Note from the Editor

Intellectuals: Public, Private and Platonic

Nazrul Islam

India’s “Domestic Violence Act 2005”: A Critical Analysis

Gulafroz Jan

Curbing the Surge of Female Genital Mutilation

Kola O Odeku

Contextualising Intergenerational Mobility of Women ‘Techies’ of Kolkata

Asmita Bhattacharya and Bhola Nath Ghosh

The Plights of the Aged Inmates in Nigerian Prison System:  A Survey of Two Prisons in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Mathias Olufemi Dada Ojo and Rashidi Akanji Okunola

Biliteracy Development: Problems and Prospects – an Ethnographic Case Study in South Africa

Molatelo Prudence Lebese and Oliver Mtapuri

Childhood Disabilities and Child Protection in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh

MD. Nazrul Islam Mondal, Shamim Ferdous, Md. Zamirul Islam,Md. Sabbir Hossain,Md. Shahiduzzaman and Md.Shahidur Rahman Choudhary

Effectiveness of Korea’s Development Cooperation to Enhance the Vocational Training Capacity of the BKTTC: Need for Building Absorptive Capacity for Effective Development Cooperation in Bangladesh

Md. Roknuzzaman Siddiky

Health Care Situation of Migrant Slum Women: Evidence from Sylhet City of Bangladesh       

Md.  Mojammel Hussain Raihan  Md. Nazrul Islam, Abdur Rouf, Ayesha Begum, Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Mohd. Shakil Murad, and Saibal Das

Public Participation and Lay Knowledge in Environmental Governance: A Case Study of Community Based Adaptation in Bangladesh

Shahadat Hossain Shakil and Md. Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya


Volume 10 Number 2, July  2013

Note from the Editor

Patisars Today: Tagore, Modernity and Social Change in Contemporary Rural Bangladesh

S. Aminul Islam

Militancy: A Myth or Reality An Exploratory Study of the Socio-economic and Religious Forces Behind Militancy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Arab Naz,Mohammad Hussain Waseem Khan,  Anwar Alam Umar Daraz, Irum Mughal and Ibrahim

Religion and Violence in Nigeria: 1980-2012

Mohammed Usman

Suicide Bombing  and Religious Fundamentalism in Nigeria :The Case of Boko Haram

A.O. Abisoye

Climate Change and Migration in Bangladesh: Golden Bengal to Land of Disasters

Mahmuda Khatun

Environmental Challenges and the Quest for Social

Ali Arazeem Abdullahi  Usman A. Raheem Saliman Tunde Saliman

Demand Structure and the Consumption of Garri in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

C.I.Ezeh, C.O. Anyiro   N. Q. Obioma and O.C. Maduagwu

North-South Relations: Exploring the role of Italian NGOs in post-apartheid South Africa

Mbizo Edward Sibanda  and Oliver Mtapuri

Breaking the Silence: Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) Among Women in Slums of Khulna City, Bangladesh

S.M. Ashikur Elahee Saleh Mahmud, Sezan Tanvir and Md. Zishan Rahman


Volume 10 Number 1, January  2013

Note from the Editor

Regulation or Deregulation of an Economic Entity: A Normative Analysis

Mustafa Murshed and Mosammat Mustari Khanaum

Impact of Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) on Rural Women Contact Farmers’ Poverty Levels in Aguata Agricultural Zone of Anambra State, Nigeria

C.I. Ezeh , C.O. Anyiro , L. K. Ogbonnaya and N. Q. Obioma

Challenges on Application of Batho Pele Principles: A Case Study of Department of Home Affairs, Durban Regional Office

T.L.Ngidi and N. Dorasamy

Analysis of the Perception of Organizational Politics by Employees of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

A. S. Adebusuyi, M. O. Olasupo and E. E. Idehen

Reducing Urban Poverty through Fuel Wood Business in Masvingo City, Zimbabwe: A Myth or Reality

Bernard Chazovachii Leonard Chitongo and Jenias Ndava

Quality of Education in India: A Case Study of Primary Schools of Assam

Sahidul Ahmed

Violence against Women:  Nature, Causes and Dimensions in Contemporary Bangladesh            

Kazi Tobarak Hossain and Md. Saidur Rashid Suman

Socio-economic and Cultural Processes Associated with Domestic Violence in Rural Nigeria: A Study of Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State

Peter Ezeah

Impact of Conflict Situation on Mental Health in Srinagar, Kashmir

Asima Hassan and Aneesa Shafi

Silent Cry of Dying Childhood and Children of Street Based Sex Workers in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Md. Nazmul Alam and Rizwana Hussain

Effects of Family Breakup on Children: A Study in Khulna City

Shirina Aktar

Protecting Child Labour in Bangladesh Domestic Laws versus International Instruments

Sharmin Aktar and Abu Syead Muhammed Abdullah  


Volume 9 Number 2 July 2012

Note from the Editor

Domestic Violence against Women in Bangladesh: Analysis from a Socio-legal Perspective

Mst. Taslima Khatun and  Khandaker Farzana Rahman

Water Security in Coastal Region of Bangladesh: Would Desalination be a Solution to the Vulnerable Communities of the Sundarbans?

Asiful Basar

Female Executives’ Experiences of Contra-power Sexual Harassment from Male Subordinates in the Workplace

Emmanuel Abiodun Fayankinnu

Health Care Seeking Behavior for Safe Motherhood: Findings from Rural Bangladesh

Shirina Aktar

The Need to Incorporate Senior Caregivers in Health Education Relating to Malaria in Rural Areas

Ali Arazeem Abdullahi  Anton Senekal and  Cecilia Van Zyl-Schalekamp

Secondary School Students’ Perception of Environmental Variables Influencing Academic Performance in Edo State, Nigeria

Jolly Okoza  Oyaziwo Aluede and  Justina E. Afen Akpaida

Drug Abuse, Youth Violence and Social Order:A Study of Petroleum Hawkers in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

Usman Isah Ndashiru A. and Usman Ahmad Karofi

A Socio-economic Study of Informal Sector Workers of Dhaka City

Md Nazmul Alam

Call for papers for the 10th Anniversary Issue  


Volume 9 Number 1 January 2012


Note from the Editor

An Application of Factor Analysis on Gross Domestic Product Data of Bangladesh

Yesmin Akhter, Md. Mahsin and Mohammad Zakaria Mohaimin

Intergenerational Mobility as a Determinant of Socio-economic Status: A Theoretical Discussion

Mustafa Murshed 

Technology Inertia and Poverty Trap in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Nigeria

Peter Ezeah 

Effect of Gender and Status on Job Stress among Police Officers in Ekti State of Nigeria

Bunmi Omolayo 

Psychosocial Characteristics and Experience of Discrimination and Stigmatization among Spouses of HIV/AIDS Infected Husbands: A Study from India 

Latha, KS. and Simi John 

Vulnerability of the Female Youth to Drugs and Substance Abuse in Makindu Town, Kenya 

Nelson Jagero and Faith Mbulwa 

Mid–Day Meal Scheme and Growth of Primary Education-A case Study of District Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir

Yawar Hamid and Asmat Hamid

Impacts of Cultural Differences on Work-related Values among Employees in Ibadan, Nigeria

Olufemi Adejare Adewole 

Factors of Migration in Urban Bangladesh: An Empirical Study of Poor Migrants in Rajshahi City

Khandaker Mursheda Farhana Syed Ajijur Rahman and Mahfuzur Rahman

Book Review

Instruments of Social Research

S. Aminul Islam

Volume 8 Number 2 July 2011

Note from the Editor

Estimation of Population and Food Grain Production   In Bangladesh by 2020: A Simple Moving Average  Approach to a Time Series Analysis  

Dayal Talukder and  Love Chile

Women Empowerment or Autonomy: A Comparative View in Bangladesh Context

Md. Morshedul Haque, Towfiqua Mahfuza Islam, Md. Ismail Tareque and Md. Golam Mostofa

Socio-economic Characteristics and English Language Achievement in Rural Bangladesh

M. Obaidul Hamid

Parental Socio-Economic Status as Correlate of Child Labour in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

O.S. Elgbeleye and M.O. Olasupo

Managing Bullying Problems in Nigerian Secondary Schools: Some Interventions for Implementation

Oyaziwo Aluede

Implications of the Ranking of Community Participation Strategies in Health Development by Selected Rural Communities in O-Kun Yoruba, Kogi State, Nigeria

Steve Metiboba and Olufemi Adewole

Issues, Problems and Policies in Agricultural Credit: A Review of Agricultural Credit in Nigeria

Olatomide W. Olowa and Omowumi A. Olowa

Conceptualising Northeast India: A Discursive  Analysis on Diversity

Thongkholal Haokip

Volume 8 Number 1 January 2011

Note from the Editor                                        

Introduction to Religious Studies in South Asia: The Dhaka Initiative

Joseph T. O’Connell

Sociological Approach to Research on Religion: Bangladesh Perspectives

K.A.M. Saaduddin 

Historical Overview of Religious Pluralism in Bengal

Kazi Nurul Islam 

Aryan Religious Traditions in Bengal from Gupta through Sena Periods: An Introductory Note

Paresh Chandra Mandal

Buddhism in Bengal: A Brief Survey

Niru Kumar Chakma

Reflections on Islamisation in Bengal

Abdul Momin Chowdhury

Chaitanya Vaishnava Devotion (bhakti) and Ethics as Socially Integrative in Sultanate Bengal

Joseph T. O’Connell

Between Puritan Islamic and Syncretistic Muslim Traditions in Bengal: An Ecological Perspective on the Faraizi Movement

Iftekhar Iqbal

Historical Sketch of the Christian Tradition in Bengal

Md. Shaikh Farid

Christian Mission and Evangelization in Bangladesh

Dr. Father Tapan De Rozario

Bahai Religious Faith and Tradition in Bangladesh

Muhammad Jahangir Alam

Religious Aspects of Adibasi Life in Bangladesh

Eva Sadia Saad

Proposed Bibliography on Religion in the Bengal Region

Fazlul Alam


Volume 7 Number 2 July 2010

Note from the Editor

Martial Law, Rule of Law and Legitimacy:
A Sociological Analysis of Bangladesh Politics - 2008

K.A.M. Saaduddin

The Urban Informal Sector and Workplace Insecurity for Women in Nigeria: Evidence from Port Harcourt City

Ngboawaji Daniel Nte

Filial Relationship and Autonomy of Senior SecondarySchool Students in Rivers State

Atubobaralabi Jamabo and Tamunoimama Jamabo

Surviving Pattern of Women and Children migrants in urban Bangladesh

Khandaker M. Farhana Rossella De Marchi and Syed Ajijur Rahman

Book Review

Sociological Perspectives on Poverty

Palash Kamruzzaman

Volume 7 Number 1 January 2010

Note from the Editor                                                                                                    

Influence of Age, Marital Status and Environment on Sexism in Nigeria

Adedeji J. Ogunleye and Sulaiman O. Adebayo

The Face of Intimate Partner Violence in Bangladesh: Revealing Patterns from the Existing Literature

Syeda Tonima Hadi

Rural Intelligence Gathering and the Challenges of Counter Insurgency: Views from the Niger Delta

Ngboawaji Daniel Nte Paul Eke and Kinikanwo Anele

Poverty: A Potent Conflict Escalator in Nigeria’s Niger Delta

Otu A. Ekpenyong Aniefiok Sunday Ukommi and Emmanuel Obiahu Agha

The Effect of Livestock Pilferage on Household Poverty in Developing Countries: Theoretical Evidence from Nigeria

Olatomide Waheed Olowa

Recent Marriage patterns in South Africa 1996-2007

M.E. Palamuleni



Volume 6 Number 2 July 2009   


Note from the Editor                                                                                                    

“It’s OK to beat my wife?” – Patriarchal Perceptions of  Bangladeshi Respondents and Factors Associated

Syeda Tonima Hadi  

Political Influence on Bureaucratic Growth and Social  Responsiveness: A Case of Ondo State, Nigeria

Adeyemo Oluropo David and

Osunyikanmi Olakunle Pius  

Street Children and the Challenges of National Security:Evidence from Nigeria

Ngboawaji Daniel Nte

Paul Eke and S.T. Igbanibo 

Child Labour Practices in Kargil (Ladakh)                                                                   

Bilal Ahmad Bhat

The Impact of Stigmatization on the Acceptance and Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in the Society: A Case Study of the Civil Servants in Auchi  

T.O. Agweda and V.A. Dibua 

An Assessment of the Role of School Counsellors in Preventing HIV/AIDS among Secondary School Students in Osun State, Nigeria                                                                 

Mary Aduke  Ajila  ChrisO.Ajila, D.O.Adeyemo and  A.A.Owojori

Volume 6 Number 1 January 2009 

Note from the Editor                                                                                                    

Normative Deprivation in Urban Bangladesh:   A Case Study of Uttara, Dhaka                                     

A. I.Mahbub Uddin Ahmed        

Lipon Kumar Mondal                

Men’s Exploration of Multiple Sexual Partners: Economic vs. Psychosocial Explanation

Shyamal Kumar Das Ashraf Esmail and  Lisa Eargle

Democratization and National Integration in Nigeria    

Martin Ikechukwu Ifeanacho

Identity Politics and Social Exclusion in India’s North-East: The Case for Re-distributive Justice                


Impact of the British Bangladeshi Musicians of London A Brief Look at the Popular Musical Styles of  Postcolonial Migrant Peoples                                              

Shams Bin Quader

Perception of Rural-Urban Migration in Selected Rural   Communities in Ondo State Nigeria

Olayiwola O. Fasoranti

Book review

Crime Policy in America

Joseph D'Silva                        

Volume 5 Number 2. July 2008.

Special Issue on South Asian Sociological Conference, Dhaka, March 2008

Note from the Editor

Sociology: From Science to Pseudoscience?

Nazrul Islam

Sociological Theory and Knowledge Society

P. K. B. Nayar

Process of Institutionalization of Sociology in Bangladesh: Can it be Theoretically Addressed?

Monirul I Khan

Challenges and Promises of Sociology in the Twenty-first Century: A West Bengal Experience 

Subhash Biswas

Global-Local Nexus and the Emerging Field of Criminology and Criminal Justice in South Asia: Bangladesh Case 

Mokerrom Hossain and Shahid M. Shahidullah

Challenge of Poverty Reduction Programmes: A Study on Women and Poverty in Developing Countries 

D. Parimala

Volume 5 Number 1. January 2008.

Note from the Editor
The Psychology of Participatory Democracy and the Personality Profile of the Nigerian Politicians 
S.O. Adebayo and A.J. Ogunleye
Power in Social Organization: A Sociological Review
Md. Saidul Islam
Corruption by Example: Legalizing the Illegal as a Means of Survival in Modern Nigeria
Olufayo Olu-Olu
Rapid Urban Growth and Poverty in Dhaka City
Shahadat Hossain
Does the Internet Make People Socially Isolated?  A Social Network Approach
Manouchehr Mohseni  Behzad Dowran and   Mohammad Hadi Sohrabi  Haghighat

Volume 4 Number 2. January 2007.


Note from the Editor

Market-State-Civil Society Relations and Development in Post-Independent Bangladesh : Some Theoretical Reflections

Masudur Rahman

Restoring the Credibility of Bangladesh Public Service Commission: Major Challenges and Policy Recommendations

Md. Rezaul Karim

Effect of Leadership Style on Job-Related Tension and  Psychological Sense of Community in Work Organizations: A Case Study of Four Organizations in Lagos State Nigeria,  

Bunmi Omolayo                      

Non-Work Factors and Labour Turnover among Female Employees in Kebbi State Civil service                                               

Muhammad Sani Umar and Usman Ahmad Karofi

Impact of Cultural Globalization on the Upper Class Youth in Dhaka City : A Sample Study

Dilara Zahid

Consensual Poverty in Britain , Sweden and Bangladesh : A Comparative Study

A. I. Mahbub Uddin Ahmed 


.Volume 4. Number 1. January 2007

Note from the Editor

Science and Religion: The Quest for Knowledge and Certainty in the Postmodern Era [The Cases of Medicine and Psychiarty]

Shahid M. Shahidullah

Unmasking Children’s Reading Ability: Context US Society

Mahmuda Khatun 

Monetary Reward: A Predictor of Employees’Commitment to Medium Scale Organizations in Nigeria                  

Bunmi Omolayo and A.B. Owolabi

The Nature of Political Empowerment and Gender in Local  Governance: A Comparative Study of Dhaka City Corporation and Narayanganj Municipality

Farhana Zaman                       

Emergence of Satellite Television and Enigmatic Geo-political Strategy of Bangladesh government

Zeenat  Huda Wahid    

Book Reviews

Political Economy of land Litigation in Bangladesh

S. Aminul Islam                      

Election under a Caretaker Government

S. Aminul Islam


Volume 3. Number 2. July 2006


Note from the Editor

The Predicament of Democratic Consolidation in Bangladesh 

S. Aminul Islam

Cultural Diversity, Religious Syncretism and People of India: An Anthropological Interpretation 


Female Criminality in Nigeria: A Historic Review

Comfort O. Chukuezi  

The Interrelationship between Poverty, Environment and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh: An Overview

Mahbuba Nasreen  K..Mokaddem and Debasish K. Kundu 

Home Delivery Practices in Rural Bangladesh: A Case of  Passive Violence to the Women

Monirul I. Khan and Khaleda Islam

Book Review

The End of Sociological Theory and other Essays on Theory and Methodology  

S. Aminul Islam  


Volume 3. Number 1. January 2006


Policy Making and Policy Deficit: Role of the Sociologists

Bipul Kumar Bhadra

Reproductive Health Issues Among Adolescents in Nigeria

Tinuola Femi Rufus

A Note on Multidimensional Study of Social Integration in a Rural Society 

Swati Sadhu and Kumar Chattopadhyay

Globalization and Crime

Usman Ahmad Karofi and Jason Mwanza

Research Note

Factors Affecting Students’ Performance A Case of Private Colleges

Syed Tahir Hijazi and S.M.M. Raza Naqvi


Volume 2. Number 2. July 2005


Towards a Theory of the Intellectuals and their Political Ideology in the Post-Soviet Global Society.

Nazrul Islam  

Constructing a Global Ghetto: Racism, the West,& the "Third World".

M Asadi  

Long-term Camp Life and Changing Identities of Sri Lankan Women Refugees in India.

Abhijit Dasgupta  

Socio-spatial Differentials of Political Behaviour of the Urban Poor in Bangladesh.

Shahadat Hossain  

Drug Abuse and Criminal Behaviour In Penang, Malaysia:A Multivariate Analysis.

Usman Ahmad Karofi 



Volume 2. Number 1. January 2005


Special Issue: Exploring the Sociological Perspective on Poverty


Sociology of Poverty: Quest for a new Horizon 

S.Aminul Islam  

Challenges in Constructing the Sociological Concept of Poverty.

Monirul Islam Khan

The Politics of Poverty

David Everatt  

World Bank Data of Poverty and  Poverty of World Bank Data 

Nazrul Islam

Poverty, Household Strategies and Coping with Urban Life: Examining "Livelihood Framework" in Dhaka City, Bangladesh 

Shahadat Hossain

Other Papers

Expectations as Limitations: Sociology's Challenges in Development Studies

Malin Arvidson  

Book Review

Shifting Paradigms of Development

Nazrul Islam


 Volume 1. Number 2. July 2004 


Note From the Editor

Sociology in the 21st Century: Facing a Dead End. 

Nazrul Islam 

Glocalization as Globalization: Evolution of a Sociological Concept.

Habibul Haque Khondker

Disaster Approach:Exploring the Sociological Approach to Disaster in Bangladesh. 

Mahbuba Nasreen 

Overcoming Poverty in Bangladesh: Search for a New Paradigm. 

S. Aminul Islam  

Socio-demographic Correlates of Rural Poverty in Bangladesh:  A case study of Gaibandha Sadar and Tanore Upazillas 

A. I. Mahbub Uddin Ahmed  

Review Essay

Exploring Governance in South Asian Mega Cities:  A Review Essay. 

S. Aminul Islam


 Volume 1. Number 1. January 2004


Special Issue: Patrimonialism, Culture and Religion: A Reexamination of Max Weber


Note From the Editor

From Academic Outsider to Sociological Mastermind: The Fashioning of the Sociological “Classic” Max Weber.  

Dirk Kaesler  

Patrimonialism and Urban Development: A Reexamination of Max Weber’s Theories of the City.

Rangalal Sen

Weber’s Perspective on the City and Culture:Contemporary Urbanization and Bangladesh.

A. I. Mahbub Uddin Ahmed

Max Weber’s Sociology of Islam: A Critique

Syed Anwar Husain

Protestant Ethic and the Not-So-Sociology of World Religions.

Nazrul Islam